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Foundation Building, 7th Floor, Rooms 713 | 714 

Phone: 212-353-4034 or x034 on campus

Spring 2022 Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9 am - 10 pm; Saturday-Sunday, 12-8 pm

The Digital Architecture Studio is full-service computer lab and classroom space open to all students, faculty, and staff at Cooper Union. The lab provides standard Dell workstations, Dell render stations, as well as Apple desktop computers running macOS and Windows platforms.  All of the computers feature a full array of software for work in 3D design, graphic design, video and animation, photogrammetry, coding and programing and more. The Digital Architecture Studio also offers scanning, large-format printing, and 3D printing tools to further student research and projects. The lab is staffed by a dedicated team of professional staff and student workers; all lab staff are available to offer support and advice related to the software and hardware platforms we offer. 

Click here to submit plotter and 3D print requests.

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Click here to connect with a member of our Academic Support team (M-F 9am-6pm).

For general technical assistance, at any time, you can email

Equipment Available:

Large Format Printing  
Epson 5270 & 7270 (44” inch color inkjet printers) 
These high-end inkjet plotters are used for printing large-scale drawings, photographs, and posters.  The Epson 5270 is set up to print on 36-inch vellum, mylar (matte film), and clear film. The 7270 prints up to 44 inches on either Epson Single Weight Matte or Epson Double Weight Matte paper

HP T-520  (36” inch color inkjet printer)
This high quality, 36- inch, 8 color inkjet printer accepts almost any type of sheet paper, up to 36 inches wide.  It is operated self-service and students supply their own paper.

Color Laser Printing
Xerox Altalink c8030 laser printer 
High resolution output of 1200 x 2400 dpi, photo-quality color images and crisp text.

3d Printing
MakerBot Replicator+ (6th Gen) (2x)
(FDM) Fused Deposition Modeling
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Layer Resolution 100 microns
Build Volume [11.6 X 7.6 X 6.5 in]

Formlabs Form 2 (3x)
Inverted SLA: Stereolithography
Layer Resolution 25-100 microns
Material: Resin
Build Volume [5.7× 5.7× 6.9 in]
High-resolution, complex models.

Creality 10S + 10S Pro

(FDM) Fused Deposition Modeling
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
Layer Resolution 100 microns
Build Volume [11.8 x11. 8 x15. 7  in]

Flatbed Scanners
Epson 12,000 (1x) 
Epson 10,000 (1x)

Camera Kit for Checkout
Students from the School of Architecture may checkout our Nikon DSLR camera, light kit, and black backdrop for 24 hours periods.  Please contact our staff via Chat to reserve camera equipment.  

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