Summer Artists in Residence 2016

POSTED ON: April 4, 2016

Allison Malinsky. 'Repartir 2 (Dividing 2),' oil on canvas Daina Mattis. 'Pushing Mud,' 2011, graphite, silkscreen & oil on paper Gahee Park. 'Looking with Invisible Eyes' Leah Wolff. 'Wilderness Survival Kit,' Photo transfer onto clay with paint
Allison Malinsky. 'Repartir 2 (Dividing 2),' oil on canvas

This July, in conjunction with the Cooper Union Summer Art Intensive, four artists will be in residence in the sixth-floor studios. Allison MalinskyDaina MattisGaHee Park, and Leah Wolff were selected out of nearly one hundred applications by the Intensive's faculty and staff. Their proposed projects for this summer span interests from art historical feminisms, to sustainability, to formal and process-oriented concepts, and the studios will be their base for local research, as well as for working.

The Whole Earth Catalog is the focus of Wolff's investigation: she plans to produce a series of ceramic objects based on products and passages found in the popular late 60s publication, and explore its historical relationship to the pre-digital through multiple processes. Park's work also researches historical moments: her paintings are informed by the research of feminist art historians (like Linda Nochlin and Griselda Pollock) into the gendered dynamics of space, perspective, and subjectivity.

Deep investigations into formal concerns, and their relationship to the body, informs both Malinsky's and Mattis' work: the former creates three dimensional oil paintings that enact a kind of sculptural gesture, and the latter creates improbable objects that allude to drawing's multidimensional possibilities. 

With considerable exhibition experience (including shows at The Jewish Museum, Sculpture Center, and museums and galleries in the US and internationally), teaching experience, and a dedication to their practices, this year's  residents make the idea of a life of art making tangible to high school students. In turn, they hope to find inspiration in the northern light of the skylit space. Their works, installed in situ, will be on view at the beginning of August. 

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