Tuition & Fees 2020-21

See also the 2021 – 2022 Tuition & Fees

At The Cooper Union every admitted undergraduate, full-time student receives a half-tuition scholarship currently valued at $22,275. Please review the dropdown panels below for details.

  • Undergraduate Tuition

    • The cost of tuition at The Cooper Union for the 2020 – 2021 academic year is $44,550. Each admitted student receives a half-tuition scholarship valued at $22,275 per year. 

    • The part-time tuition per credit is $1,310 for the 2020 – 2021 academic year. Part-time students will not receive any institutional aid including half-merit scholarships, tuition assistance, institutional grants, the innovator scholarship, and other scholarships. 

    • Additional financial aid is provided to eligible students to help cover tuition, housing, food, books, supplies, etc. The amount of additional aid is based upon a student's demonstrated financial need. Students must file a FAFSA to be considered for additional financial aid. Please note that Cooper Union offers merit scholarships to exceptional students. Also, Cooper Union uses a need-blind admissions process, meaning that a student's ability to pay does not impact the admissions decisions.

  • Graduate Tuition

    • School of Architecture 2020 – 2021: The Master of Science in Architecture program is a three-semester program. All admitted students will be assessed tuition at the rate of $23,635 per semester.

    • School of Engineering 2020 – 2021: Students in the Master of Engineering program are charged $1,390 per credit; 30 credits total.

    • Please feel free to make a virtual office appointment with us should you need further assistance. 

    • When scheduling (using the calendar in the above link) be sure to use the Financial Aid Appointment calendar for assistance regarding your financial aid award package, missing documents, scholarships and grants, and financial aid/SAP appeals. To schedule an appointment related to billings, payments, and account holds assistance, please use the Student Accounts Appointment calendar (using the calendar in the "virtual office appointment" link).

  • Fees


    • A nonrefundable application fee of $75 is paid by all candidates for admission. Each student enrolled in a degree program pays a mandatory student fee of $960 and Lab & Studios Materials fee of $175 per semester (Total Fees: $1,135 per semester) for 2020 – 2021 academic year. For new students, this fee is payable on acceptance of admission and is nonrefundable (refundable for Fall 2020 until August 1, 2020).

    • For continuing students, the $1,135 fee per semester is mandatory and nonrefundable (refundable for Fall 2020 until August 1, 2020).

    • Continuing students must pay each semester’s student fee in accordance with the bill’s “due date.”

    • All fees are subject to annual revision. Students who do not pay the required fee will have their registration cancelled.

    • Summer 2021 (2020 – 2021 academic year): We wish to provide clarity with respect to fees and the Summer term. There will be no lab or studio fees this summer and the mandatory student fee of $1,135 will be reduced by 50% to $568. This amount will be charged for all students regardless of the number of credits in their enrollment. 

  • Refund Process

    • During the first month of the semester financial aid refunds are processed twice a week in order to meet the needs of our students.

    • After the first month of the semester regular financial aid refunds are processed once a week in accordance to the Finance Department Institutional policy and procedure.

    • Direct Deposit

    • All student financial aid or student account refund can only be processed through direct deposit. Click here for detailed direct deposit sign up instructions. 

  • Withdrawal Fees

    • Should a student choose to withdraw, tuition can be refunded. It is 100% refundable up to the 7th day of class, 50% refundable up to the 14th day of class, and 25% refundable up to the 21st day of class. Thereafter, it is nonrefundable.

  • General Lab and Studio Materials Fee

    • A general lab and studio materials fee of $175 per semester will be charged to each student’s account. This fee covers normal usage, “wear and tear,” and basic supplies for laboratory and studio projects. For new and continuing students, this fee is payable on acceptance of admission or semester and is nonrefundable.

  • Student Residence Fees

    • Students electing to live in Student Residence will be responsible for paying the regular housing fees. The fees for the 2020 – 2021 academic year are $13,410 for a double (two students per bedroom) and $14,610 for a single (one student per bedroom). The fees cover residence for the fall and spring semesters and may be paid in two parts.

  • Refund Policy for Student Residence

    • A refund of housing charges resulting from an approved request to cancel the housing agreement will be made in accordance with the following schedule: 100% of the total housing charges for the semester if the cancellation request is made prior to August 1 for the subsequent fall semester and December 1 for the subsequent spring semester; 65% if made by September 30 for the fall semester and January 31 for the spring; and 35% if made by October 31 for the fall and February 29 for the spring. No refunds will be made after these dates.

    • Students who are evicted from the Student Residence or whose Housing Agreements are terminated for violations of the terms of the Housing Agreement are not eligible for refunds.

  • Cooper Union Health Insurance

    • It is a requirement that all matriculated students have health insurance coverage. The Cooper Union provides health insurance for all students through The Cooper Union Accident and Sickness plan. The cost of insurance will appear on every student's billing statement. Students who are covered under their own or their parent's insurance policy may choose to waive The Cooper Union Accident and Sickness plan. Please be advised that if you wish to waive the insurance, the insurance you provide must be currently active and will be subject to verification.

    • To enroll or waiver in the health insurance plan, you must access The Cooper Union Accident and Sickness plan online at using their Cooper Union ID number.

    • If you do not complete health insurance waive process with the above insurance company by October 15, 2020, you will be responsible to all assigned health insurance charges. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

    • Student Medical Insurance (PDF)

  • International Student Fee

    • International students (those who are not citizens or who are not permanent residents) are responsible for an additional nonrefundable fee of $1,005 per semester.

  • Graduation Fee

    • A graduation fee of $250 is required of all students entering their first semester of their undergraduate/graduate senior year at The Cooper Union. This fee is payable upon registration for the senior year and is refundable if a student fails to meet graduation requirements that year.

  • Special Fees

    • A charge of $100 will be made for late payment of the student fee.

    • A charge of $25 will be made per occasion involving change of section or registration program. 

    • A fee of $100 shall be incurred for late registration.

    • A bill payment plan fee of $50 per semester will be charged to your account at the time of payment plan enrollment.

    • The Cooper Union reserves the right to change its fees at any time.

  • Graduate Student Maintenance of Matriculation Fee

    • The requirements for the Master of Engineering program must be completed within two years of admission to graduate status, except with the express consent of the Dean of Engineering. Requests for extension must be presented in writing to the Dean in the final semester of the second year. In addition, approval must be granted from the student's thesis adviser. Master’s students who receive approval to extend their studies beyond two years will be assessed a maintenance of matriculation fee of $3,000 per semester.

  • Tuition and Housing Payment Plan Instructions

    • Payment plans are available for students for tuition and housing fees. The tuition and housing fees can be paid in four installments. 

    • Fees:
      A $50 payment plan enrollment fee (per plan) will be added to your total bill. A $100 late payment fee will be assessed for each late payment. A $25 returned payment fee will be charged to your account.

    • Payment Plan Sign-up Instructions:
      Enter your username and password then click on the login button. If you have any difficulty with the login or user ID/password-related questions, go to and follow the instructions. 

      Click on the Student Finance link
      You will be redirected to a secured payment center site and asked to log in again (use the same user ID and password)
      Click on the Make a Payment tab to pay bill in full or  
      Click on the Payment Plan tab to begin the payment plan enrollment
      Click on Enroll Now tab
      Select the semester you plan to enroll, for example: Spring 2018
      To set up Authorized Users go to My Profile Setup 
      Click on Authorized Users tab and follow instructions 

    • Automatic/Scheduled Payments
      You may choose to sign up to have your monthly installments automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account.
      NOTE: If you choose the automatic/scheduled payment option, DO NOT submit a manual payment, unless you intentionally want to reduce your future payments.
      NOTE: Any time you have new charges posted to your account, such as fines, tuition, room and board, etc, or you have made payments or credits posted to your account, or your financial aid award changes, your installment amount may increase or decrease based on the current balance
      Please periodically login to your account to monitor your account activities. Contact the Student Accounts Office at immediately if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account.  
      Financial Aid Recipients: You may elect to apply expected sources of financial aid and/or loans towards the tuition and housing fees. You are responsible for completing and submitting the required paperwork to the Office of Financial Aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at for more information. Students expecting outside scholarships may apply these amounts to the installment plan when the scholarship is received. International payments (any payments made from foreign accounts) may be made by:
      Payments made by money orders and cashier’s checks should be made payable to "The Cooper Union" and mailed to: The Cooper Union Student Accounts Office (Be sure to print the student’s name and Student ID # on your payments).

    • Mailing Address:
      The Cooper Union
      P.O. Box 22422
      New York, NY 10087-2422

    • Overnight Mailing Address:
      JPMorgan Chase – Lockbox Processing
      Attn: The Cooper Union and 22422
      4 Chase Metrotech Center
      7th floor East
      Brooklyn, NY 11245

    • If you have any questions, please email

  • Payment Schedules - Deadlines

    • Fall 2020 term payment deadlines:
      • Billing will begin on July 8, 2020.
      • Payment plan will open on July 15, 2020.
      • Payment due date is August 5, 2020.
      • Payment Plan due dates are August 5, September 5, October 5, November 5, 2020.
      • If a student registers after August 15, 2020 payment will be due immediately.
    • Note 1: Students registering or adjusting their schedules, which create an increased balance, after August 15, 2020 need to pay on the day they register.
    • Note 2: Failure to pay according to the above schedule may be subjected to a late Payment Fee of $100 per occurrence.
      All fees are non-refundable.
      • 100% Tuition Refund: September 6, 2020
      •   50% Tuition Refund: September 13, 2020
      •   25% Tuition Refund: September 20, 2020
      Spring 2021 term payment deadlines:
      • Billing will begin on November 30, 2020.
      • Payment plan will open on December 3, 2020.
      • Payment due date is January 12, 2021.
      • Payment Plan due dates are January 12, February 12, March 12, April 12, 2021.
      • If a student registers after January 12, 2021 payment will be due immediately.
    • Note 1: Students registering or adjusting their schedules, which create an increased balance, after January 12, 2021 need to pay on the day they register.
    • Note 2: Failure to pay according to the above schedule may be subjected to a late Payment Fee of $100 per occurrence.
      All fees are non-refundable.
      • 100% Tuition Refund: January 26, 2021
      • 50% Tuition Refund: February 2, 2021
      • 25% Tuition Refund: February 9, 2021
      • No refund on or after: February 10, 2021
  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.