Parents of Current Students

Alicia Aguerrevere and Jorge Aguerrevere
Laura Ahmed and Mohamed Ahmed
Kyung Sil Ahn and Chang Keun Choi
Paminder Ahuja and Mohinder Ahuja
Liliana Alexa and Alexandru Alexa
Mary Alfonso and Eduardo Alfonso
Jin Ok An and Choon Weon Park
Laura Appel and Ezra Appel
Denise Armstrong and Thomas Armstrong
Patricia Bailey
Robert Baker
Suzanne Barnard and Michael Singsen
Vita Barshteyn
Ellen Bayer and Jeffrey Bayer
Jenny Baylon and Christopher Baylon
Ramona Benveniste-Reitman and Howard Reitman
Larisa Brook-Berezovsky and Vladimir Brook
Ann Buckland and Dennis Buckland
Rose Canepa and Antonio Canepa
Lee Canossa and Philip Neuscheler
Antonietta Carey and Patrick Carey
Donna Carlson and Dennis Carlson
Susan Cary and John Cary
Ann Casady and Peter Pitegoff
Franckline Casimir-Benoit and Garry Benoit
Veronique Caubel and Patrick Caubel
Wai Sheung Chan-Tam and Chun Tin Tam
Maria-Luisa Chea and Claudio Ariza
Wei Chi
Elaine Chu and Edward Chu
Pini Churgin and Ronald Churgin
Patricia Clevenson and David Clevenson
Christine Colligan and Richard Colligan
Maureen Collins and Michael Collins
Anne Coogan and Joe Acevedo
Vicki Correll and Steve Correll
Diane Coughlin-Ng and Dale Ng
Elena Crudge and William Crudge
Cheryl Cruz and Rogelio Cruz
Nisha Dalia and Anil Dalia
Connie D'Ambrose
Joseph D'Ambrose *
Elizabeth Damiano and Dennis Damiano
Deborah D'Angelo and Thomas D'Angelo
Tracy Davis and Brian Davis
Dahlia Dean and Marian Manolache
Janis Degaspari and John DeGaspari
Leslie Dellon and James Dellon
Debra Devitt and Robert Devitt
Dawn DiMuro and Alan Kooreman
Ji   Ding and Yuansheng Chen
Linda Drenckhahn and John Drenckhahn
Irina Dynkina and Leonid Dynkin
Polly Eagleton and Jim Eagleton
Paula Ehrlich and Stephen Ehrlich
Laurie Elenberg and George Elenberg
Dale Emmart-Lieberman '75 and Glenn Lieberman
Pilyeon Eom and Jam Kim
Rhonda Erb and Stephen Erb
Heather Fern and David Fern
Patti Feuereisen and Mark Rowley
Kornelia Fillmer and Karsten Fillmer
Brenda Fitzgerald and Albion Fitzgerald
Victoria Fong and Greg Grieco
Franca Friscia and Paul Friscia
Cindy Gaffney and Michael Gaffney
Margaret Galbo and Vincent Galbo
Diane Gerber-Rothstein and Alan Rothstein
Deborah Gerofsky
Barbara Ginzburg and Enrique Ginzburg
Teresa Goj and Boguslaw Goj
Joanna Golden
Daryl Grabarek and Vicente Revilla
Elise Graham and David Graham
Fiona Gray and Stuart Gray
Lenore Greenberg and Mark Greenberg
May Mahn Guh and Cherng Guh
Niloufer Hai and Hamid Hai
Shuli Hamaoui and Nathan Hamaoui
Linda Hawk and John Hawk III
Nanette Hernandez and Juan Cartagena
Martine Hess and Parry Hess
Swee-Kim Ho and Yet Sang
Christiana Holland and Michael Holland
Anyaporn Hong
Meiling Hsu and Lin Hsu
Polly Hughes and Daniel Hughes
Young Huh and Yong Huh
Mayia Ivanov and Todor Ivanov
Sabah Jammal and Omar Jammal
Sofia Jones and Stephen Jones
Susan Julien and Christopher Boyce
Gloria Kallus and Joseph Weiss
Renee Keane and Edward Keane
Tracey Keays and Robert Minsky
Laura Kellar and Edward Curtz
Elizabeth Kellogg and Robert Kellogg
Susan Ketigian and George Ketigian, Jr.
Mei Kiang and Peter Kiang
Jaejin Kim and Eun Joo Kim
Yeong-Joo Kim and KinFan Ho
Joseph Klein '75
Rachelle Klein
Kelly Knueppel and Jeffrey Knueppel '85
Ora Kornbluth and Aaron Kornbluth
Sushma Kothari and Ajay Kothari
Marguerite Kreuzer and Thomas Kreuzer
Nancy Kubo and Masayuki Kubo
Hye Kwon and Soon Kwon
Sui Sum Lam and Victor Lam
Karen Lange and John Lange
Yee Fay Lau and John Wong
Rachael Lawless and Martin Lawless
Susan Leader and David Leader
Janet Lee and Spencer Lee
Li Jie Li and Zhi Fan Guo
Esther Lipner and Mark Lipner
Jackie Lipson and David Lipson
Vera Lleshi and Fran Lleshi
Bartina Loo and Daniel Loo
Stephanie Luellen
Shu Fen Ma and Chi Ming Ma
Dorothy Malings and Glen Malings
Marie Malliaros and Stavros Malliaros
Robert Mandel
Antoinette Maniscalco and Stephen Maniscalco
Wendy Martin and John Martin
Maria Martinez and Patrick Phelan
Rajeshri Masher and Hiren Masher
Phoebe Massimino and Charles Massimino
Irmi Maunu-Kocian and Peter Maunu
Elisabeth McCarthy and Timothy McCarthy
Beth Meehan and Michael Meehan
Elizabeth Meyersohn and John Gibson
Kyushik Min and Hyunsook Min
Catherine Minuse and Henry Stevenson
Marieta Minzicu and Valeriu Minzicu
Sandra Moore
Maria Mudryj and Michael Seldin
Patricia Muoio
Marina Murray
Etsuko Nakagaki
Michele Nasatir and Mark Nasatir
Meredith Nemirov Anchondo and Jorge Anchondo
Hoa Nguyen and Lieu Nguyen
Larisa Nikolayevskaya and Iosif Nikolayevskiy
Sophia Nikolidakis
Marina Novak and Jacob Novak
Peggy Okuneff and Lawrence Okuneff
Catherine O'Meara and Walter O'Meara
Gela Pala and Silviu Pala
Hee Jo Park and Joon Hwan Park
Marianne Perry
C. Devi Persaud and Chris Persaud
Michiko Presky and Raymond Presky
Xiao Quang and Eiping Quang
Sandya Reddy and Rajeshwar Reddy
Joelle Reichman and Yitshak Reichman
Monica Reiter and Robert Wong
Maria Ressl and Charles Ressl
Robert Richardson
Annetta Riley and William Riley
Susan Rophael and Magdy Rophael, P.E.
Lori-Ann Rotella and Christopher Rotella
Michele Rudolph and Marc VanDenHoeck
Michelle Rust and Michael Rust
Magdalena Rzyska
Carol Saalbach and Gerald Walsh
Michele Sanfilippo and Calogero Sanfilippo
Donna Santore and James Santore III
Hitoshi Sasaki
Judth Schatzow and Robert Shapiro
Kathleen Schulz
Hong Shen and Dan Liu
June Shen and John Shen
Jeanmaire Sheridan and Daniel Sheridan
Rimma Shikhman and Vladimir Shikhman
Janet Siegel and Richard Siegel
Laura Simich and David Gurin
Antonietta Smith
Karen Smith and Kevin Smith
Sterrett Smith and David Strauss
Maria Isabel Sobel and Philip Sobel
Susan Souser and Craig Souser
Betty Standish and Leigh Standish
Naomi Starobin and Edward von Stein
Dalit Sterman and Harris Sterman
Kathleen Sullivan and Peter Sullivan
Vicky Takamori and Akio Takamori
Kathy Tam and Kai Tam
Xiao Tan and Zhang Tan
Leslie Todder and Jeffrey Todder
Ellen Tsiamis and Christos Tsiamis
Marilou Tulod and Prescillo Tulod
Maria Vanegas and Jose Vanegas
Lorna Veraldi and Michael Van Dyk
Joanne Verdecchia and Frank Verdecchia
Monona Wali
Jaswinder Walia and Manjit Walia
Diane Wendt and Paul Ceruzzi
Lynn Wentworth
Karen Whitney and Fred Whitney
Gail Wides and Barry Wides
Gail Williams
Rose Wills and David Wills
Alan Witschonke
Laura Wolfe and Michael Pauly
Eva Wong and Michael Wong
Perla Wong and Kam Wong
Yuk Mui Wu and Epon Wu
Feng Hua Yang and Xing Tai Yang
Catherine Yankou and Robert Yankou
Lisa Yee and Timothy Yee
Baili Yuan and Lixun Yuan
Susan Zachariah and Alexander Zachariah
Colleen Zeitz and Kevin Lindamood
May Zhang and Min Zhang
Stephanie Zichettello and Richard Zichettello
Ruth Zommer and Boris Khuvis

  • Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • “My feelings, my desires, my hopes, embrace humanity throughout the world,” Peter Cooper proclaimed in a speech in 1853. He looked forward to a time when, “knowledge shall cover the earth as waters cover the great deep.”

  • From its beginnings, Cooper Union was a unique institution, dedicated to founder Peter Cooper's proposition that education is the key not only to personal prosperity but to civic virtue and harmony.

  • Peter Cooper wanted his graduates to acquire the technical mastery and entrepreneurial skills, enrich their intellects and spark their creativity, and develop a sense of social justice that would translate into action.